Lava on vapaa!

Lava on vapaa!

Briefly in English

Omatuntoklubi in National theatre`s Lavaklubi feb 2011- april 2013
The club is now on a vacation.  But in it's place we are organizing a new club, "yllatysklubi", even more laid back and fun. Come and join us!

Omatuntoklubi was the best (and the only) open stage in Helsinki that had it all. Any kind of performances were welcome. Music, dance, stand up, poetry, monologues, short plays, or short movies... whatever people felt like sharing. 

But now you can still inhale the creative atmosphere, have a drink and meet nice people in the heart of Helsinki. "Yllatysklubi" (Supriseclub) ---> every month's second Saturday 9pm to 2am. You"ll never know what you are going to get!

You can find out the dates from our Facebook page!

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